Actual Wolf: Christmas in Chisholm

Actual Wolf (aka Eric Pollard) performs "Christmas in Chisholm."

Actual Wolf (aka Eric Pollard) performs “Christmas in Chisholm.”

Merry Christmas! I wasn’t going to post anything today, but then I ran across this holiday offering from Actual Wolf (aka Eric Pollard). He took an old John Prine melody and penned a timely, funny, heartfelt Iron Range Christmas song.

Without further ado, here is Actual Wolf, “Christmas in Chisholm“:

Love the lyrics on this one.

Actual Wolf has been on my Great Northern Radio Show a couple times, both solo and with his band. He has a rich musical range, but always brings a blue collar sensibility to everything he does.

I shared my classic Iron Range Christmas story yesterday. I also shared a very heartfelt Christmas story I wrote about my Grandpa in the Star Tribune.

Now, for real, if all goes well you won’t hear from me again until next week with my top posts of 2015.

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