FLASH: Minnesota cold in winter, especially outside

A cold winter view of the Minneapolis skyline set in "Vikings Purple." PHOTO: Chris Ford, Flickr CC

A cold winter view of the Minneapolis skyline set in “Vikings Purple.” PHOTO: Chris Ford, Flickr CC

Minnesota is cold in the winter.

Minnesota is the coldest state in the Lower 48 United States. Alaska is colder, but far away.

Minnesota has a football team called the “Vikings.” The Vikings are named for the Nordic ancestry of many people here. Vikings were Scandinavian pirates who lived in cold places. They spent years sailing on cold waters. Eventually they moved to Minnesota because it was the most like Norway and Sweden. It was cold.

So, it’s very cold today in Minnesota. January 10 is usually very cold. The Vikings are playing outdoors in a NFL playoff game. Thirty-five years ago the Vikings played outdoors all the time. It was always cold. Then they played inside. Inside is warmer than outside.

But last year they tore down the inside. Now the Vikings play in the outside, where it is much colder. Especially in winter.

People break in cold. Especially when they are not dressed for cold. Hats are warm. Helmets are cold. Football people wear helmets.

Will being outside help the Vikings? Hard to say. If they had swords, they would win for sure. They play the Seahawks. What are Seahawks? Are they good in cold?

Is not all of humanity fragile? Do contests of sport signify anything but our fleeting strength? We must only bear witness. Look. Then look away. Remember. It was cold. The people broke, but not all.

Did Vikings win?

You tell me, future. You tell me.

Next year, the Vikings will play in the inside again. We will never again have this conversation.

Unless the inside roof falls down. Because that happens sometimes.

Go Vikings. If you win, you will go to Arizona to play. Arizona is hot.

But that is a story for another day.

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