Last chance to be Duluth’s next lift bridge operator

Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge (PHOTO: Sharon Mollerus, Flickr CC)

Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge (PHOTO: Sharon Mollerus, Flickr CC)

Applicants have until 11:59 p.m. Monday to apply for the highest-profile blue collar job in Duluth: Operator of the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Pay starts at $42,444 per year and includes benefits. The gig involves pulling levers to make the bridge go up and pulling levers to make the bridge go down. That’s the fun part, probably what got you reading this.

You also need to know how to maintain the bridge equipment and electronics, which sounds important. You need to know stuff for that part.

Additionally, the bridge and its walkways are your responsibility to keep clear and safe. (In Minnesota, that means shoveling snow).

That also means you could be the person who yells “DRDFN FRRRNS GRRFFF NERFER on the bridge!” over the tinny speakers when kids start walking funny. That’s also what you say when someone tries to take the walkway when the bridge is about to lift. You say the same thing when you propose to your lover. Really, it all pretty much sounds the same.

Bonus! You’ll learn how to talk to a ship with a giant airhorn!

HOOOOONNK! HONK HONK! (That means, “I love you.”)

HONK HONK HOOOOONK HONK! (“I need some space”)

HONK HOOOOOONNNNNK HONK HONK! (“It’s been so many years. We’re married to other people now. How could you spring this on me now! That couldn’t possibly be my tugboat.”)

Anyway, I’m sure if you can make concentrators go crunch-crunch-crunch at a taconite plant, you’ll be able to make the lift bridge go greeeeeeer-chunk, ring-ring-ring-ring-ring. More info about the job here.

On a side note, producers continue to work on funding a 10-episode run for an original TV comedy series set in Duluth called “Old Lifty.” The story centers on a woman who works as operator of the aforementioned Aerial Lift Bridge.


We’ll just have to see if that project gets … wait for it … off the ground.


PHOTO: Sharon Mollerus, Flickr CC


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