Iron Range original music party tonight

Rich Mattson and Germaine Gemberling perform at a previous Playlist event. (PHOTO: The Playlist)

Rich Mattson and the Northstars perform at a previous Iron Range Playlist event. (PHOTO: The Playlist)

Tonight at 7 the WDSE program “The Playlist” hosts a “Celebrate Iron Range Original Music” live street dance in Virginia, Minnesota.

Part of the festivities will be used for Thursday night’s 9 p.m. broadcast of “The Playlist” on WDSE-TV/PBS North. But tonight will also be a sprawling mass of Iron Range live music for your personal enjoyment, including a lot of fun that won’t all fit on TV.

The event will take place at the 218 Taphouse at 235 Chestnut Street and The Shop coffeehouse.

A lot of the bands involved have been keeping the torch burning for original live music on the Iron Range for some time, and others are fairly new to the scene.

The Iron Range Original Music Association (IROMA) is almost an informal guild, pushing venues and events to look to musical groups that do more than covers. IROMA has brought attention to many acts that I’ve booked in my Great Northern Radio Show, and continues to be a source for anyone scouting new bands.

In any event, don’t let the bastards tell you there isn’t anything to do on a Wednesday night in downtown Virginia.

You can see the preview for tonight’s The Playlist “Celebrating Iron Range Original Music” show here:

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