Hibbing disc golf course will survive mine expansion

A view of the Historic North Hibbing Disc Golf Course (dgcoursereview.com)

A view of the Historic North Hibbing Disc Golf Course (dgcoursereview.com)

When Hibbing Taconite announced it was expanding its mining footprint in May, most were relieved. Here was an Iron Range mine that, in the short run anyway, would avoid a shutdown.

But there was a cost. The iconic North Hibbing mine view and Hibbing Disc Golf course would be blown to smithereens.

The attractions will relocate, we were told, but there were few specifics about how that might happen.

Well, at a meeting this week, the city of Hibbing signaled support for a relocation process for the popular disc golf course.

From a Kelly Grinsteinner story in the Hibbing Daily Tribune:

[Hibbing Parks & Rec Director Pete] Hyduke pointed to a 20-acre, city-owned parcel between the dog park and the Greyhound Bus Museum that overlooks mining operations to the west.

“It would still provide a spectacular view,” he added.

Hyduke said holes could also be created near the campground area and possibly on acreage in the northeast quadrant, which would provide an elevation change but would have to be looked into more.

The Hull Rust Mineview is also eying a nearby dump that would provide a nice view of the active mine at Hibbing Taconite, the same big hole in the ground that provided half of the iron ore used in America’s WWII effort.

I haven’t been up there in a while, but I’m told there is a tremendous amount of activity near the mine view right now. Hibbing Taconite will soon tear further into North Hibbing, further fulfilling the reason the town was moved south 90 years ago.

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