Brangelina blowout happened in International Falls

The Falls International Airport in International Falls, Minnesota.

The Falls International Airport in International Falls, Minnesota.

Normally I strive to break the notion that Northern Minnesota is “flyover” country. We must fight the pervasive notion that we of Middle America only serve as the soft marshmallowy interior for the much more interesting coastal regions.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear on the Today Show (screenshot)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear on the Today Show (screenshot)

And I’ll resume that campaign in the near future. Meantime, we are learning that the high profile breakup between Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie partially occurred on the tarmac of the International Falls airport.

Maybe you heard “Minneapolis-St. Paul” in that. Let me repeat: International Falls.

Icebox of the Nation. Home of the Boise Cascade paper mill. Gateway to the flyover part of Canada.

The Duluth News Tribune reported on the incident, using an original report from TMZ:

Pitt, Jolie and their family flew into a Minnesota airport on Sept. 14 — and gossip website TMZ, citing unnamed sources, reported that the stop came after Pitt became verbally and physically abusive to his children while on the private flight from France to the U.S.

According to TMZ, witnesses said Pitt was out of control on the tarmac in Minnesota and tried to leave in a fuel truck.

The website does not say specifically where the incident occurred — but officials in Koochiching County confirmed that Pitt was on a plane that landed at Falls International Airport that day.

No criminal complaints were filed in International Falls. No one called local law enforcement.

The problems facing Pitt and Jolie go beyond just one incident on a plane. One can only wish them peace and resolution to what they’re going through, especially for the sake of their family.

But for one day last week Northern Minnesota wasn’t just “flyover” country. It was “land briefly during a Hollywood domestic dispute” country.


  1. Even my husband read this one . . . Also!

  2. i guess the temperature dropped a few more degrees in the icebox that day

  3. You cant make this stuff up. Great story line for “Fargo”

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