In Minnesota, you can vote … today

PHOTO: cursedthing, Flickr CC

PHOTO: cursedthing, Flickr CC

Election Day in the United States will be Nov. 8, 2016. That should surprise no one. Media reports and social media frenzy constantly remind us of this day’s importance. The television spurts political ads like crude oil on the Clampett farm.

But early voting continues to grow in popularity around the country. The practice takes many forms, usually involving modified versions of absentee voting.

Here in Minnesota, 2016 represents the first time you can vote absentee without needed a reason. In other words, starting today — Friday, Sept. 23 — you can go to your local county courthouse and end this.

Sure, lots could happen between now and then. But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, nothing will likely change our mind about top line races like President of the United States. Are you are well informed about all the offices that are up this year? If so, you might find relief in completing your obligation to the most contentious, weird, potentially disastrous election in modern American history.

Still not sure? Watch the debates in coming weeks and vote after. Or wait to join the tradition of local precinct voting on Nov. 8.

“I encourage all eligible Minnesotans who can’t make it to the polls on Election Day, or simply want to vote from the comfort of their own home, to vote early by casting an absentee ballot and ensure that their voice is heard,” said Secretary of State Steve Simon in a recent press release. “I know that together we can get our state back to number one in voter turnout in the country.”

You can also request your ballot by mail using this online application process.

Will voting early stop the election? No. Will shows like “Good Morning America,” The Today Show” and “everything on CNN, Fox News or MSNBC” continue to be unwatchable? Yes, I’m afraid so. But if you’re a person who works weird hours or is busy with kids, you might eliminate some Election Day variables by voting now.

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