Turnout key in closing days of Nolan-Mills race

Nolanzilla vs. Mills Kong

Nolanzilla vs. Mills Kong

You can tell when Northern Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District race heats up. My phone rings a lot. People want to know what the Iron Range’s only independent news blogger sees happening on the ground.

To that, I can only say that it’s hard to see what’s on the ground. It’s covered with discarded political mailers and the tears of children as they attempt to watch local television.

MN-8 might prove to be the most expensive Congressional race in the country. All that spending fails to change many minds, but it might affect turnout. Specifically, who turns out where, and who decides it’s not worth it?

That’s the psychology at the heart of whether U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN8) stays in office, or if Republican Stewart Mills replaces him.

I spoke about this early last week with Dave Lee on WCCO Radio in the Twin Cities. You can hear that conversation here.

I was also on with Mike McIntee Friday on AM 950 in the Twin Cities talking about the different turnout scenarios that could tilt the race on Nov. 8.

You can tune in to these interviews for my most recent thoughts on the race. I’ll have some new analysis in the days before the election.

We’re almost there!

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