Hear Actual Wolf single ‘Baby Please’ off ‘Faded Days

Actual Wolf

Actual Wolf (aka Eric Pollard) performs in the June 29, 2013 Great Northern Radio Show in Pollard’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Stop the presses! Actual Wolf is working on a new album, “Faded Days,” and MinnesotaBrown.com has an exclusive preview. Here’s “Baby Please” off that new record, which is set to be released May 2017.

Actual Wolf is a rock band piloted by the Wolf himself, Northern Minnesota’s Eric Pollard. Actual Wolf has bounced around the music scenes of Nashville, Oakland, Minneapolis and Duluth over the past couple years. His last album was “Itasca,” released in 2015. The Wolf has been looking for his next big musical step forward and he tells me he’ll have it on “Faded Days.”

Pollard’s Grand Rapids roots show through in his music and lyrics, which blend rock ‘n’ roll and country sensibilities while plumbing the depths of human experience in working class places. He’s played my Great Northern Radio Show a couple times. A multi-instrumental talent, Pollard plays and sings by ear. He’s one of the few people I know who could play every part on a record and probably get it on the radio.

Here in “Baby Please,” we get soulful lyrics blended with rich instrumental tracks that reminded me of one of dad’s Neil Young records. The song was recorded at the Roy G. Bivens Studios in Minneapolis, engineered by Brad Bivens.

It’s got me interested in the album. Meantime, enjoy the single! Find out more at Actual Wolf’s website.

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