Culver’s to open in Grand Rapids, MN

The Culver’s Double Butterburger with Cheddar. (PHOTO: @JoeFoodie, Flickr CC)

A new Culver’s restaurant will open this year in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

The restaurant recently posted a “crew member” job for a new location at 1175 Pokegama Ave. South. That address is found between the McDonald’s and Jimmy Johns locations near the former Kmart building. The headhunting site Johnson Jobs lists July 3 as the posting date, so a future announcement about the exact location and timeline for the new Culver’s should be expected later.

Culver’s is a classic American fast-food operation. Their signature menu item includes the “Butterburger,” a pressed beef patty on a toasted buttery bun. Culver’s is also known for its wide range of frozen custard treats, including a flavor-of-the-day and numerous mix and match toppings.

Can one get a preventative triple heart bypass? Asking for a friend.

The chain is located mostly in the Midwest. The first Culver’s started in Sauk City in 1984. Most Northern Minnesotans already know the restaurant from its locations in Duluth, Two Harbors, Brainerd and Bemidji. Though each has its own distinct menu, Culver’s and Dairy Queen probably represent the most obvious comparison.

Grand Rapids has seen a spurt of restaurant and food development this year. A new Hardee’s opened late last year, along with an Aldi grocery store. Two new Grand Rapids breweries announced they would open in 2017.

Rumors of a Culver’s coming to Grand Rapids have existed in some form since I first moved to Itasca County in 2005. The town seems an obvious choice at the intersection of Highways 2 and 169. Rumblings increased these last two years, confirmed with this news that a Culver’s franchise is hiring in 2017.


  1. Just another McDonald’s

  2. Bemidji just opened a month ago, so I’m not sure how familiar Northern Minnesotans are with that location yet! As for comparisons to McDonald’s, when the golden arches stop freezing their meat and start making frozen custard on-site, we can have a conversation (and while we’re on the topic, DQ isn’t legally allowed to call their product “ice cream” due to the super low dairy content, so I’m not sure how apt that comparison is either).

  3. What this city needs is–a good clothing store-especially for women—another closing in the mall—
    We need another fast food place like we need a hole in our heads.

    • I totally agree with that! I will continue to shop for clothing out of town & we don’t need anymore fast food places!

      • When Culver’s comes in, we’ll all need a new clothing store – big and tall and I’m first in line to both! 😀 I’m excited.

  4. The month-old Bemidji Culver’s was jammed on a recent Friday – and the walleye was delicious, as always! Can’t wait for the GR opening – heard the first firm rumors a year ago – a good addition for Rapids.

  5. Exciting – there really is no comparison to other fast food.

  6. Easily a cut above McD’s and Burger King, they will do well there. One has been rumored for Virginia fir a couple years too. Meanwhile Hibbing can’t even keep its food shelf open.

  7. David Gray says

    Culvers also, somehow, seems to hire better quality help than the fast food competition.

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