Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur now also armless

Pierre the (Pantsless) Voyageur lost an arm in Tuesday’s wind storm. (Screenshot: WDIO)

They say March in Northern Minnesota comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, that lion just bit off the arm of an enormous French Canadian who lacks trousers.

High winds raged across the region on Tuesday, March 7, knocking out electrical lines and blowing snow across the roadways. Wind gusts of more than 60 mph were recorded throughout the area, unusual for this time of year.

In Two Harbors, just a few miles up Lake Superior’s North Shore from Duluth, Pierre the Voyageur lost his arm and iconic paddle in the storm.

Pierre is known locally as Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur, owing to the big man’s apparent love of going commando. While losing an arm is no fun for Pierre, at least passing motorists were spared the sight of his tunic flowing upward in the breeze.

On a serious note, Pierre is a major landmark in Two Harbors. Owners of the Earthwood Inn where Pierre stands already plan an emergency statue procedure to reattach Pierre’s arm. They suspect that his wooden arms, which were not part of a recent refurbishing project, must have rotted from the inside.

Before Tuesday’s bitter cold and high winds, Monday brought pouring rain and temperatures over 50 degrees. In other words, we’re having a lovely “spring” in Northern Minnesota, well within normal.


  1. I think that was the third spring we’ve had so far this year.

  2. leallan estrem says

    Poor guy needs a sling until the surgery.

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