Shipping season begins on Lake Superior

The Roger Blough makes its approach to the Soo Locks in 2012 (PHOTO: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Flickr CC)

Never mind the equinox until the lakers leave the equi-DOCKS!


Get it?

The Lake Superior shipping season reopens today, marking the actual start of Northern Minnesota’s spring. Of course, we celebrated the vernal equinox this past Monday. That’s nice and all, but only big honking ships full of taconite and coal can really get our blood moving again after a long winter.

This morning, at dawn’s light, the Roger Blough was due to leave the Port of Duluth for Two Harbors, where it would take on a load of iron ore. The Philip R. Clarke will leave this afternoon or early evening for the same destination.

Wednesday through Thursday will see the departure of the Paul R. Tregurtha, Lee A. Tregurtha, Herbert C. Jackson, Burns Harbor, American Century, and American Spirit.

You can follow Duluth Shipping News for estimated times of departure for these ships.

As far as the part of spring where the weather is actually pleasant, well … to be determined.


  1. I never thought to look at the shipping times. I’m planning on making a trip up there this summer with the kids. I ‘m going to have to check it out before we head out to the water front. Thanks for the suggestions!

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