Short film shot in Duluth shows horror of modern workplace

Screen shot from the short “Take Your NON-VAPOROUS APPARITION to Work Day,” filmed in Duluth, Minnesota, and release just last week.

What drives the modern worker? Is it money? Ambition. Or have we been conditioned to press on with increasingly meaningless office tasks in fear of what might happen if we ever stop? Perhaps, like the shark who must swim to survive, the office worker must print, copy and collate.

Take Your Non-Vaporous Apparition to Work Day” is a new short film by Keith Hopkins. It stars Ramona Marozas, Paige Rautio, and Bill Ward. Filmed in Duluth, this spooky but mostly amusing short offers wordless commentary on the state of the modern office:

In the title, Hopkins strongly emphasizes the “non-vaporous” nature of the apparition in question. Leading ghost theorists, or at least the copy writers at, suggest that ghosts rely on energy from their surroundings to appear in the earthly plane. So, “taking your non-vaporous apparition to work” would actually be a tremendous drain of energy.

In one sense, the apparition could reflect the productivity pitfalls of todays workplace. Social media, perhaps? In another interpretation, the apparition could be the nagging sense that we should be somewhere else. A sense we too often ignore.

Anyway, its a fun short. Check it out in the embedded link above or here.


  1. Bruce Youngquist says

    After a 20 month layoff ended, I learned my Non-Vaporous Apparition had dropped out of the workforce and become a proffesional student, a fate I had nearly resigned myself to.

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