FitBit names Duluth ‘fittest city in America’

PHOTO: Mike Mozart, Flickr CC

In what’s either a tremendous bragging point or a disturbing product of a corporate surveillance state, FitBit announced this week that Duluth, Minnesota, is the “fittest city in America.”

FitBit formed this conclusion from tracking fitness data like steps, activity and sleep duration from its customers across the nation.

To be perfectly fair, all this really shows is that Duluth its tops in terms of “people who choose to wear FitBit fitness trackers.” Generally speaking the morbidly obese, willfully sedentary, and elderly immobile don’t wear fitness trackers. Not even the cheap knockoffs! But the first rule of statistics is don’t count what you don’t want to know.

According to the same post in “Gadgets and Wearables,” Wisconsin tracked as the fittest state in America, edging out Minnesota. Wisconsin continues to set the pace as the top binge drinking state in the nation. So it’s possible that a lot of Wisconsin’s steps were the result of lost licenses and “trying to get my shit together.”

Really, it’s sometimes impossible to say what the data being collected from each and every one of us might show. The important thing is that information is constantly being shoved into our eyeballs why we are being monitored at all times.

BUZZ BUZZ. Ooo! That’s my reminder to go for a walk!

Yes, FitBit.


I will go.

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