Journalists should be ashamed of delicious Doritos™ air drop

Doritos™ Heat Wave chips will fall from the sky onto Duluth’s Bayfront Park at high noon today. (PHOTO: The Impulsive Buy)

ID: Hey, ego! Did you see that they’ll be dropping Doritos™ Heat Wave chips over the city of Duluth at noon today? All the TV stations promoted it on the news! You should blog about that.

EGO: Yes, but I can’t report that. It’s just a free ad for Doritos.

ID: Doritos™ — and what’s wrong with that?

EGO: I went to journalism school.

ID: What? Those exist?

EGO: They did! And they taught us to create a wall between the advertising function of the media and editorial content.

ID: But DORITOS™! From the SKY! They say it’s because Duluth had the coolest weather on Memorial Day, so Doritos™ is going to heat us up! HEAT BABY!

EGO: It’s still just an ad. Is that going to be our standard now? If you drop something from a helicopter you get to be on the news.

ID: I had a buddy drop his drug mule from a helicopter. That got on the news.

EGO: But that’s not a good thing.

ID: You know what’s not a good thing? Prison.

EGO: So, what’s next? At some point isn’t it just littering? We’re better than that!

ID: Not if people want it. And people want the spicy cool flavor of Doritos™ Heat Wave tortilla chips. Did I mention they were being dropped from helicopters over Bayfront Park at noon? Those journalists were just doing their job.

EGO: Well, I’m not reporting it. I am a pillar of journalistic integrity.

ID: (crunching chips) These are really good. Want some?

EGO: No.

ID: You sure? They’re *really* good.

EGO: I might … I might try one.

ID: There you go.

EGO: (crunching) They are … they are pretty good.

(Helicopters approaching)

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