Nisswa night cops ‘rick-roll’ themselves

I used to work as an overnight disc jockey. I was also the editor of an afternoon newspaper. That meant that my day started before the end of what would normally be the “night shift” at the cop shop downtown. A strange feeling overtakes you as you realize that most people you know are sleeping, but you are in the heart of your waking hours. It’s almost like living in lost hours, a form of time travel. Point is, I know as well as any shift worker that things get a little screwy after hours.

Officer Dan Lasher mimics Rick Astley in a recent Nisswa Police Department Facebook post. (video screenshot)

That was certainly the case in Nisswa, Minnesota during the Wednesday, May 3 overnight shift at the police station. Nisswa is just north of Brainerd in the lakes country of central Minnesota. While it gets busy during summer tourist season, this is a pretty mellow season there.

Officers Luke Hall and Dan Lasher decided to play a prank on their sergeant. With Hall recording the deed, Lasher asked Sgt. Brandon Rothwell’s new Amazon Echo “Alexa” feature to play Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” on repeat, at full volume.

KARE 11 reported on the story this week.

It worked great. Boy would he be surprised when he got to work! But then they realized that the sounds of Rick Astley playing behind the locked office door could be hear throughout the quiet police station. The volume was too high for Alexa to recognize their commands.

Really, you just have to see the video for yourself.

Adding insult to injury, when the days staff came on the next morning, the song had stopped playing for some unknown reason.

In other words, these officers “rick-rolled” themselves.

In the wee hours of the night, madness is always within reach.

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