Itasca County commissioner resigns

Commissioner Mark Mandich resigned his seat on the Itasca County Board this week. The board accepted Mandich’s resignation at their meeting Tuesday.

My sources tell me that Mandich cites health problems as his reason for stepping down.

The Itasca County Board authorized a vacancy, instructing the county auditor to prepare a special election. Details on that election will be forthcoming.

District 5 includes Keewatin, Nashwauk, Calumet and Marble, along with many of the townships north and west of Nashwauk, extending all the way to Effie and Togo.

In the study of astrophysics, scientists declare light to exhibit both traits of a particles and of waves. In this manner, Itasca County can be consider both an “Iron Range county” and “not an Iron Range county.” Two of the five commissioner districts are distinctly Iron Range oriented, Mandich’s being the most so. This district includes the site of the Essar Steel Minnesota project, now owned by Chippewa Capital Partners.

You can see the district below. District 5 is shaded light blue:

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