Top 10 Reasons to attend Great Northern Radio Show

Host Aaron Brown opens the Feb. 6, 2016 Great Northern Radio Show at the Mesabi East auditorium in Aurora, Minnesota.

Tomorrow, on June 17, my Great Northern Radio Show will broadcast live from the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I wrote about the show a couple weeks ago.

One of the reasons I developed such an interest in broadcasting and the variety show format was my early teenage love affair with late night shows. So, with apologies to David Letterman, here are my Top Ten Reasons you should attend the next Great Northern Radio Show.

Number 10

You slapped a mosquito out at the lake … and it slapped back.

Number 9

You can’t think of a cover story to drive into town for Dairy Queen.

Number 8

It’s a less depressing more family friendly alternative to watching the news.

Number 7

Hail Hydra!

Number 6

You haven’t been out to see live music since they closed the Temperance Hall

Number 5

You want your date to hear the hot sexy banjo music.

Number 4

You couldn’t get into Grandma’s Marathon because you never tried.

Number 3

It’s like a play for funny-looking people who rehearse very little.

Number 2

The Reif Center air conditioning is cold enough to frost your buns.

And finally, the Number 1 reason to attend the Great Northern Radio Show …

(sobbing) I’ve got no place else to go!

You can still get tickets to attend the live show at the Reif Center web site or by calling the box office at 218-327-5780. We ask that the studio audience be seated by 4:30 p.m. for the 5-7 p.m. CST broadcast.

Those of you listening on the radio can tune in to Northern Community Radio, which also offers a live web stream anywhere in the world.


  1. Kay Mueller says

    Your show was AWESOME!!!! We will definitely will go again .
    We loved it!

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