A Day in the Life of Biwabik

Honk the Moose reads a familiar book at one of Biwabik’s “Little Free Libraries.” (SCREENSHOT: YouTube video)

The Mesabi Iron Range city of Biwabik is making a bid for Minnesota Monthly’s “Best Minnesota Town” next month. Videographer Kim Sampson assembled this short film “A Day in the Life of Biwabik” for the occasion. Several Iron Range photographers contributed their work to the project.

I think it’s a rich, sweet visual depiction of life in a modern Iron Range town — led by an anthropomorphic moose, of course. Life here can be natural and simple, or full of activity. What I love about the Iron Range is that it’s a place where you can find community and solitude alike. Not many places like that.

Voting starts Sept. 18, 2017. Biwabik is our horse. Or, moose, I guess.

Honk the Moose shops at the Biwabik Super One store. (SCREENSHOT: YouTube video)


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Aaron. We will see how we do very soon. I believe Chisholm is also throwing their hat in the ring, too. /Kim

  2. If there was a category called “Town You Want To Run Away From As Fast As Possible,” Chisholm might have a shot.

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