Northern Minnesota fall colors in full swing

Fall colors come early, but never disappoint in Itasca County, Minnesota.

Fall colors come early, but never disappoint in Itasca County, Minnesota, as seen in this photo from a previous season. (Aaron J. Brown)

It’s time for the annual foliage report in Northern Minnesota.

Autumn means fall colors, which typically arrive here in early September and remain (weather permitting) until mid-October. Deep, rich colors pop a little ahead of schedule here in Northern Minnesota, particularly in the woods just north of the Iron Range where I live. But wherever you’re traveling in Minnesota, you can check out the DNR’s map at the bottom of this post for up-to-date fall color reports.

The Minnesota DNR has improved their fall color website this year, as well, adding new features to help you plan your fall leaf-watching tour.

One of the amazing things about the changing of the leaves every autumn is how each year is different. Even individual trees produce different results year to year, depending on local rainfall and sunlight.

Anyway, fall is my favorite season. Not just because of pretty foliage, but because of how bright sunlight and cool winds refresh the soul. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the fall colors this year.

We talked about the fall colors in the Sept. 19, 2015 Great Northern Radio Show, broadcast live from the Bangsberg Theater at Bemidji State University. And we’ll be celebrating autumn again this year with the start of a new season of the Great Northern Radio Show on Oct. 14 at the Hibbing Community College Theater.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tracks peak fall colors at its website. The map, which will update automatically, is below:

This image from the MN DNR will be updated weekly through the fall showing where fall colors are most resplendent.

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