The sky before snow

PHOTO: Aaron J. Brown

The first touch is warm. The heat of the incubator or mother’s arms. Tight swaddling keeps the heat in. The first sense. Touch.

In the hours before the first snow falls, the sky warns of change to come. The sky reaches down to touch you. This embrace is cold.

The cold air surrounds us today as the first blast of winter weather strikes Northern Minnesota. Every year I have to relearn that we feel winter. Winter gives you less to look at, less to hear. More to consider. Light comes in low. The wind creaks bare trees like kids swaying at the bus stop, one foot to the other, trying to stay warm.

In winter, the sky comes down to earth. Closer to space, farther from the sun.

Not the end, but rather the beginning.


  1. Elanne Palcich says

    Beautiful word portrait.

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