Dig Deep on political realignment

The U.S. presidential election of 1912 was unique for breaking apart the normal two-party dynamic in U.S. politics. It was also an example of a realigning election, whereby reformers began to move from the Republican party into the Democratic.

This month, the Northern Community Radio Podcast “Dig Deep” considered the topic of political realignment. The episodes aired on the radio last week. This program features conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and myself, the liberal commentator. The goal is not argument, however, but the open and honest exploration of new ways to understand and even solve political disagreements.

This month we talked about political realignment. This episode was more historical than we initially planned. It started with an understanding of the rise of America’s two-party system and how the major parties have changed over the decades.

The first episode provides a primer on the history of political parties in the United States. The second episode explores the political history of Minnesota. The third episode delves into the current state of political parties. Chuck and I ask whether we are in the midst of another major realignment of political interests in the United States and what might happen as a result.

We also did something new this time. We had so much to talk about that we recorded a bonus episode. This one focused just on President Trump and what his election signifies in American political realignment.

Our short memories allow us to forget that American political parties have realigned several times over their histories. Chuck and I agreed on the broad principle that today’s parties are not only in the process of realigning, but that a very significant part of the country remains “up for grabs” in terms of future loyalties.

I enjoyed the conversation and hope you do, too.

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