Northern Minnesota already firing up the SAD bus

The SunSpot offers light therapy for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder in Duluth. (PHOTO:

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but Northern Minnesotans already grow weary with an early winter. In fact, stories about Seasonal Affective Disorder, or “SAD” appear on the news, seemingly months ahead of schedule.

SAD generates depression-like symptoms in people, primarily during short, dark winter days. The lack of daylight is one of the leading causes. Typically, SAD becomes the local news de jour come January during the doldrums after Christmas.

WDIO reported this week that a pair of sisters from Duluth have already launched the “SunSpot.” The SunSpot is a bus pumped full of therapeutic light mimicking the sun. For $5, you can enter the bus for one 20-minute session.

You can find out more about The SunSpot at their website.

In doing some checking, I see there was a small blitz of SunSpot news coverage last November as well. Like the tilting of Earth’s axis, we can now count on the arrival of the SAD bus as the days draw short.

May we all see the light.


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