L.L. Bean ‘Bootmobile’ headed to the Iron Range

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile travels the country, spreading the word about stylish outdoor clothing for people who enjoy looking off the to side in front of mountains. (PHOTO: L.L. Bean)

Growing up in the rural environs just off the Mesabi iron formation, I became accustomed to the machinations of the bookmobile. Well, now Iron Range residents can expect a new arrival: the Bootmobile.

L.L. Bean, purveyor of fine boots and outdoor clothing and accessories, turned a pickup truck into a giant boot. Now they tour the so-called “Bootmobile” around the country to attract media attention, such as this.

If you like wearing sweaters that highlight your pecs with ducks, hooking your thumbs in your pants pockets and shearing granite with your jaw, go see the Bootmobile. (PHOTO: L.L. Bean)

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile will appear Feb. 10 at Giants Ridge near Biwabik, marking the first appearance on the Mesabi Iron Range of navigable footwear. (Navigable wieners have appeared multiple times, however).

The event promises the following:

  • Games and prizes
  • Examples of the latest styles and gear
  • Exclusive coupons and discounts

To enhance your experience, you are also encouraged to:

  • Cup a warm mug with your hand
  • Look directly at a distant focal point out a frosty window
  • Smile broadly while wearing thermal underwear in your great room
  • Enjoy a conversation with a man wearing a similar jacket who happens to have salt-and-pepper hair coloring
  • Sit on a table wearing a flannel shirt
  • Gather your family at the top of the ski hill and laugh while facing the same direction
  • Never quite let anyone see your butt
  • Wear thin leggings and gigantic boots at the same time
  • Shave three days ago but certainly not today
  • Gaze longingly at your own feet

For more information on the Feb. 10 arrival of the Bootmobile, check out the event page.


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