‘Making It Up North’ features Great Northern Radio Show

Host Aaron Brown prepares to kick off the Oct. 14, 2017 Great Northern Radio Show at Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota. (PHOTO: Grant Frashier)

This year WDSE-WIRT Channel 8, the PBS station in Duluth, announced a new show. Karen Sunderman hosts and Steve Ash films the program called “Making It Up North.” They profile creative people across Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I was honored that they chose to highlight my Great Northern Radio Show in one of their early episodes that aired Sunday night. The episode was entitled “Take a Chance” and focused on the risk involved in creative enterprises.

You can watch this Jan. 14, 2018 episode of “Making It Up North” here:

Steve and Karen followed me around one day during the week before my last show in Hibbing. Then they spent the entire show day watching how we put together the live broadcast. It was a remarkable amount of time invested in a very tight segment explaining the program.

They did a good job showing how many people are involved in making the show and how much fun we have. They also demonstrate how solitary the act of writing a script can seem in contrast with the team atmosphere of making the show actually work. That’s really the balance I deal with all the time.

I’m in the midst of writing my next Great Northern Radio Show, slated for Saturday, March 3 at the Thompson Recital Hall at Bemidji State University. This one will feel a little different, more intimate in a smaller space. I think it will be a fun change of pace. Get your tickets.

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