This Week in Vikings Playoff Anxiety, Vol. 2 Miracle Edition

Stefon Diggs crosses the goal line after the most miraculous play in Minnesota Vikings history. (PHOTO: Screenshot from video shot by Scott Kegley)

When I began this series I had no firm belief it would be a series at all. Generations of bad luck, boneheaded plays and inexplicable mental collapse conditioned me for the seemingly inevitable disappointment of any Minnesota Vikings trip to the playoffs. Indeed, that was the joke.

And while I certainly wanted the Vikings to beat the Saints last Sunday, I never would have predicted it to happen the way it did.

It can only really be understood by hearing the play-by-play call of Paul Allen, the Vikings radio announcer. All Vikings fans know the sound of Allen’s voice as this call begins. The defeated tones of having just watched the team blow another winnable game. Then, the sound of … would we call it, joy?

Here’s a clip of Allen’s call synched with the video:

Keenem to Diggs. These are players, though you’d be excused for having never heard of them. It is distinctly Minnesotan that our sports heroes be anonymous castoffs.

Experience my evening in tweets:

This weekend the Vikings play the Eagles in Philadelphia for the NFC championship. If they win, they advance to the Super Bowl played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, their home field.

I really don’t care if that happens now. I want it to. But I know what kind of disturbance has been leveled on the Vikings Playoff Anxiety astral plane. Anything could happen. If I *live* to see the Super Bowl, I will call this a success.


  1. The Vikings today announced that after 57 years of the Curse of the Purple, the team is changing their uniform colors.

    “In keeping with state traditions, we will be switching our colors to Woodland Camo. This has the added advantage that our receivers will be much harder for defenders to spot, as they will blend into the crowd background.

    “We expect that this will lead to a franchise rebirth along the order of the recent domination by the New England Patriots. We realize that the Patriots are the most hated team in professional sports, but we and our fans are willing to endure that in exchange for five or six Super Bowl championships. Our new team motto will be “Minnesota. Not so nice any more.”

  2. Well, now that the team with the second worst record for post-season frustration has won the Super Bowl, maybe there is hope. Even if they keep the Purple.

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