NY Times lauds Minnesota Olympic triumph

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Oh, boy. The New York Times doesn’t know what it’s done.

On Friday, America’s vaunted newspaper of record gave Minnesotans something they’ve long craved: big city validation.

In a story titled “Team USA? More like Team Minnesota” Pat Borzi argues that the U.S. Olympics team’s biggest successes came because of Minnesota athletes. From key members of the gold medal winning women’s hockey team, to cross country skier Jessie Diggins, Minnesota played a disproportionate role in America’s most dramatic victories at the winter games.

Heck, the U.S. men’s curling team led by Chisholm’s John Shuster is pretty much the Duluth club team. And they won the first gold medal for any American curling team in history. In fact, their plucky come-from-behind victory and redemption story won lots of new fans. Slate’s Justin Peters argues, rather well, that Shuster’s story would make a remarkable Paul Rudd movie. He makes a strong case.

Indignant Minnesotan, a parody Twitter account (but is it really?), celebrated the moment with rare praise for the New York Times:

It even prompted clemency for one of the state’s biggest beefs with the Grey Lady:

It’s a great time to be a Minnesotan. Of course, it’s always a great time to be a Minnesotan. Nothing new there. And perhaps with this newfound validation we can finally relax. People now know that we spend a lot of time becoming good at winter sports that no one else tries because they live in warm places.

I mean, who needs warmth? We’re fine. Have you checked out our cultural scene? It’s really good. Did you know Prince is from here? And Bob Dylan? They are. Further, Minnesota, and Minnesota alone, is singularly responsible for their success.

Come back, we’re not done yet. We’re pretty good at a lot of things. Come back!

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