Hibbing film scores box office success

Promotional image from “Cold November”

Last week I wrote about Karl Jacob’s movie “Cold November,” a quality indy film that tells a beautiful story set right here in Northern Minnesota.

In the scheduled run last week, “Cold November” ended up being the highest grossing film at the Mann’s Cinema 8 in Hibbing. As a result, the theater added an additional week of showings at its Hibbing and Grand Rapids locations. You can see the film at those locations through the end of this upcoming weekend.

In addition, Jacob tells me that they have another cool opportunity coming up. For those of you closer to the Twin Cities or central Minnesota, “Cold November” will play at the Marcus Elk River Cinema in Elk River, Minnesota, starting Friday, March 30. That’s just north of the Twin Cities. Jacob said that if they sell 300 tickets for the weekend that the owners will show the film across their theater chain, mostly small towns across the Midwest.

As I said in my column, it’s exciting to see a genuine reflection of Northern Minnesota culture turn into a successful film that people can enjoy not just for the local setting, but for the artistic merits.

If you missed it, here’s the trailer:

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