Watch MN-8 DFL Convention live

The Uptake is providing live coverage of the Eighth District Minnesota DFL Convention in Duluth today. You can watch all day (or all night, if it goes long) here at thanks to the hard work and generous efforts of The Uptake.

The convention will convene at 9 a.m. and will close after endorsing a candidate for Congress.

If the embedded player has problems, you can view the feed directly at The Uptake.

Last week I previewed this convention here at the blog. I’ll have a story and more coverage after the fact.


  1. Kind of neat to see video of this all. Interesting to see how it all works. I just turned it on and they were voting for MN08 Congressional Representative. Depending on how it goes, maybe the MN 8th DFL should really just become two separate parties again.

  2. David Gray says

    Interesting to see open advocacy for illegal aliens and opposition to law enforcement officers. An open argument against a candidate because they served honorably as a law enforcement officer. Remarkable.

  3. David Gray says

    Also interesting to see Radinovich thumb his nose at his district. Come home Joe…

  4. Thank you to the young man from the Latino caucus who spoke before the candidates on the issue. That wasn’t just about a campaign, that was about real-life people, kids, parents, and family.

    • David Gray says

      He is the illness. I’m not sure what the cure is.

      • As I get older, I find myself more and more “pro-life” (which I know is a very big issue to you). But then I see how people like yourself so easily de-value other people who are already alive, and it makes me feel like all the “pro-life” group of people are a bunch of hypocrites and I know I can’t truly support that cause. I wish it wasn’t that way.

        • David Gray says

          I’m devaluing him because he was a participant in dirty politics. He functionally neutered Phifer’s opportunity to speak. That isn’t honorable.

          There is nothing pro-life about honoring that.

          • he is not “the illness” he is young and being used. The dirty politics is not on him…but it is dirty.

          • David Gray says

            I guess I don’t think he’s a simpleton who has no idea how he’s being used. But maybe he is that simple. In which case he’s more of a symptom than an illness.

          • He is young…he doesn’t understand that people who spend years…decades learning a language also spend many years learning about the culture, art, literature, and the very lives of people who speak this language. For them to throw such a person aside in favor of a political animal with no such understanding is folly.

          • Just to correct the record.

            The people from the Latino Caucus were all American citizens and members of the DFL and the voting public. They were circulating in the crowd talking with people and passing out two separate papers on Phifer’s record with ICE.

            They asked to speak to the convention, but were turned down on the basis that speeches attacking or supporting candidates are out of order once the voting starts, based on the rules of the convention

            Pfifer actually asked to have them speak and then answer in order to address the question that was circulating. Out of fairness, Radinovich was given his own two minutes. The convention voted nearly unanimously to suspend the rules to allow that. The speeches you saw were the results.

          • David Gray says

            Gerald, thanks. Did they have floor passes or were they delegates or alternates?

          • They did not have floor passes — one of the reasons they wanted to address the delegates — but did have visitor passes like everyone else watching. They were buttonholing people who were going on and off the floor between votes.

            As you know, by policy both parties allow visitors who are not allowed on the floor.

  5. David Gray says

    Okay, part of the cure is stopping Radinovich. An interesting setup. The candidates each get two minutes. They insert the Latino caucus fellow who ten calls on the caucus to oppose Phifer on the basis that she worked for ICE. She winds up spending her time explaining that she was simply a translator for ICE. Radinovich then speaks, the dirty work having been done, and gets to play at being the unity candidate while giving an oblique cheap shot to his old district. Reminds me of the oblique way the Kennedys went after Humphrey in the 1960 West Virginia primary by having a third party spread false rumors that Humphrey was a draft dodger.

    • Polling shows that the position you describe as a cheap shot to his old district — support for same sex marriage — is a majority position among REPUBLICANS under 60, and by a wide majority of all people in both MN and the US. The overwhelming view of Radinovich’s vote on same sex marriage among DFLers is that it is heroic, which is why he decided to highlight it, and why it got the largest applause reaction of anything said in all three speeches and probably in the whole convention.

      • David Gray says

        If it was that popular he’d have been reelected. He campaigned one way, made the turn to please the Twin Cities left and then couldn’t get reelected.

        • It was not that popular in 2014. It is now. This is one of those things that once it became law and common, people saw it happening and decided it was not going to lead to the end of civilization, and decided it was not that bad. If you want to see it happen again, watch the issue of marijuana legalization, In ten years it is going to be as common as alcohol and just as legal.

          • David Gray says

            Yet, he was content to never challenge Lueck.

          • The jury is still out on guys screwing guys and girls doing their thing with each other and it not leading to the end of civilization. Evolution hasn’t yet caught up with our newfound freedom and secular laws. Sperm and an egg are still needed to keep civilization going.

        • A couple of more things worth noting on the topic:

          Jason Metsa also voted in favor of same sex marriage in the historic 2013 vote, also voting against the amendment vote result in his district.

          Radinovich did decide not to run for the House after his 2014 loss. But IMO that was more a reflection of his personal ambitions for the future — in 2016 he was managing Nolan’s campaign — than anything else. Joe has always been a don’t look back kind of guy.

          • David Gray says

            Metsa isn’t my rep and he got reelected. Radinovich got spanked by Lueck after his vote for pseudo-marriage. I’m sure that can’t have played into his decision to leave Lueck in peace.

      • Must be the same polling that said Crooked Hillary would win by those same vast majorities..

  6. so awesome to see that Glencore mining of Baar Switzerland got to put in their 2 cents via Rick Nolan at the CD8 convention in Duluth Mn. So nice to know that these generous folks are thinking about our best interests. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

    • Just a note for the future. I am no fan of Glencore, but for the record, Glencore is actually based in London. Its Swiss “address” is purely one of convenience, a way of avoiding taxes and regulations, and probably is an “office” the size of a closet, if it is not just a P.O. box. This is the same as US companies like Apple and Microsoft being technically incorporated, at least for a large part of their operations, in Ireland, or MN corporations being legally based in Delaware.

      This should not suggest that this makes Glencore more trustworthy, or even more civilized. In fact, to me it suggests once again that it is the job of Minnesotans to watch them like a hawk, so as not to join the thousands of other “backward” people they have taken advantage of and mistreated. It is the job of corporations to make money for their owners and investors. It is the job of government to protect the people by making sure the corporations behave correctly, whether toward their customers, their employees, their neighbors, or the environment.

  7. lets have an honest discussion here. This is one candidate and her grassroots supporters against 4 candidates, a political machine that has been in place for 70 years, a bunch of +super delegates” and the multi billion dollar mining interests that support them all. Davidina against Goliath to be sure. We will know soon if the DFL has a soul or not.

  8. the entire good old boy range super delegate table votes for no endorsement. Wow democracy….NOT!

  9. There was one person pushing for no endorsement …three guesses. It was not Joe Radinovich.

    • three guesses…Rick Nolan(LOL)….2 Tom Bakk…3 Tommy Rukavina….I can keep going if you would like to give me more guesses.

  10. Who is the one who couldn’t run otherwise ? I’m sure you do know…

    • Ok I guess you are referring to Joe Radinovich? He was the only one besides Leah who promised to abide. BUT… Joe came to a family gathering with a hit squad, a marginally committed incumbent congressman and the knowledge that the Iron Range machine would never ever allow Leah Phifer to get the endorsement lest they lose their 70 year strangle hold. So please forgive my sarcasm because there was never ever going to be an endorsement because in the DFL 8th there is no democracy.

  11. You really are naive , jg. Does the name Metsa ring a bell?

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