Dig Deep goes live tonight to talk 2018 races

Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown discuss issues in “Dig Deep,” a podcast by Northern Community Radio. (PHOTO: Heidi Holtan)

Tonight at 6 the podcast Dig Deep broadcasts a special live edition from KAXE studios in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Dig Deep features moderator Heidi Holtan, conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and myself, the liberal commentator.

You can join us to watch the event or listen on the radio. The event will later be released as a series of short podcast episodes.

The agenda for tonight’s Dig Deep will be to explore the 2018 campaign as it relates to Northern Minnesota. We’ll drive down on some of the big issues in the races for Congress and governor.

We released our June Dig Deep series last week. The topic centered on the challenges facing the retail sector in rural Northern Minnesota.

The first episode looked at the history of retail businesses in small towns, including the factors that led to great change.

The second episode looked at the economic impact of several recent major retail store closures in Northern Minnesota. We specifically explore how the job losses disproportionately hit small towns.

In the third episode Chuck and I discuss the future of retail spaces in Northern Minnesota towns and imagine the potential for change.

We also added a special podcast-only edition dissecting the failed conclusion to the 2018 legislative session.

If you can’t join us in Grand Rapids tonight, get your fill by listening to our podcast or the live broadcast.

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