Sweet summer’s last act, a pause

A view of the Prairie River in Balsam Township in late July 2018. (PHOTO: Aaron J. Brown)

Sweet Summer’s Last Act

Basswood leaves hang like dinner plates, flags drooping on the pole.

The animals grow brazen now, I think that one’s a mole.

Brown and white skinned road workers can no longer be distinguished.

Last night’s maple log has yet to be extinguished.

Biting flies rule the day; mosquitos rule the night.

Look, but — sigh — the new birds have taken flight.

Green but full of clover, the grass is sprouting slower.

Fill just one last jug of gas for your mower.

In scum-skimmed lakes, bathing beauties become swamp creatures.

School supplies are on sale again, for students and their teachers.

The air at night blows a reminder.

Colder months are no kinder.

The sun warms as your coffee cools.

Working inside is for fools.

NOTE: MinnesotaBrown.com will take a late summer hiatus this week and part of next week. I’ll be back days before the Aug. 14 primary election with final analysis and a busy season of writing after that. 

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