New Hibbing mine view takes shape

This summer, tourists in Hibbing have been denied the classic Iron Range experience of seeing the Mahoning Hull Rust Mine View and its Grand Canyon-style mining vista. Hibbing Taconite consumed the old mine view with mining activity this summer while a new overlook underwent construction about a mile away.

Though the new mine view isn’t ready yet, you can see the mine truck on the dump overlooking Hibbing from miles away. Last week, locals saw quite a sight when the iconic mining truck made its journey to the new site. Bougalis Construction shared pictures of the journey on its Facebook page. The Hibbing Historical Society shared the photos on their page.

Moving a 120-ton truck with no working engine isn’t easy. First, they loaded it onto two parallel semi trailer rigs. Then they made the journey up the access road to the pile of overburden where tourists will visit next summer.

PHOTO: Bougalis Construction FB page

It’s quite a climb to the top of the overlook, which will be just east of the old site on a pile of spent mining waste. You’ll access the new site from a road that turns near the Greyhound Bus Museum in North Hibbing. You’ll also be able to get there from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Hibbing.

PHOTO: Bougalis Construction FB page

It takes coordinated effort to move a truck this way.

PHOTO: Bougalis Construction FB page

The truck now rests in its new home, soon to be surrounded by a fresh new park environment. The old tourist center building will also be making its way up to the top of the mine dump.

PHOTO: Bougalis Construction FB page

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