LIVE: First major debate in Minnesota’s 8th District

This image shows the 2018 candidates in MN-8 over the precinct results from the 2014 race, the last time a close contest included a third party candidate.

This morning the three candidates in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District face off in their first major debate.

Democrat Joe Radinovich, Republican Pete Stauber and independent Ray “Skip” Sandman will talk issues. This brings welcome relief from a campaign marked by negative ads and low name identification.

At 10 a.m., the Duluth Chamber of Commerce and the Duluth News Tribune will host the forum at the Duluth Playhouse. The UpTake will provide a live feed of the event. This race serves as one of the closest and most expensive in the country. Control of Congress may well come down to will of voters here in Minnesota’s 8th District.

Watch the debate here or in the embedded player below:

created a special coverage page to help voters and political watchers better understand this unique district.


  1. Myron Johnson says

    i think both tina smith and joe radinovich need new ad campaigns…tina , a Stanford and Dartmouth graduate, looks like she could go make a banana bread..and from joes ad of 4wheelling..all we know is that he has a drivers license….now don’t misunderstand me, i like both candidates , they are talents and have the common man and woman at heart…..its imperative that they win

    but, they need some hard hitting ads ..such as, , do you wanna keep the bigfork,cook and ely hospitals from closing?…then don’t vote for an obamacare destroying medicaid slashing republican like stauber or housley…without coverage and having to give away free care, those hospitals can’t stay open! ..
    If trump controls the senate again, you can bet the nominees for the supreme court will even be more right wing…if the congress is lost to trump, we can see social security rise to age 70 and medicare to 68…think about it……VOTE tina and joe they work for you

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