Jim and Silent Bob pitch whiskey on Tonight Show

Bob Dylan pours a glass of whiskey for Jimmy Fallon. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, marks the changes in his sprawling career with bemused resignation. Nevertheless, some folks still wonder what the boy they knew as Robert Zimmerman is up to.

Earlier this year Dylan announced his new whiskey label, dubbed Heaven’s Door. And while his “never-ending” concern tour keeps rolling, Dylan has adopted the mellow demeanor of a glass of his blended rye.

Last week, Dylan made a strange appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” It was a comedy bit. Or maybe a whiskey commercial. Or maybe performance art. It’s not clear. Dylan didn’t say anything. And, we aren’t even sure he was really there.

But there is footage. You can see the clip here:

If you’re interested, I’ve heard that Palmer’s Tavern in Hibbing serves Heaven’s Door. That would certainly be the most authentic way to imbibe.


  1. Gerry Mantel says

    I thought that folks graduated from A.A. didn’t drink anymore.

    Guess not. Or maybe they simply didn’t take A.A. seriously.

  2. Gerry Mantel says

    Amazing that Palmer’s is still there, but Zimmy’s isn’t.

    But I suppose that everyone “kicked in” to keep Palmer’s going.

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