NPR coverage of Minnesota’s 8th District

NPR Morning Edition personnel with your intrepid regional blogger in Duluth on Friday, Nov. 2. Laura Roman, Noor Wazwaz, Noel King and myself; with Barry Gordemer and Ashley Brown in front.

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition broadcast live from Duluth, Minnesota this morning. A team of NPR journalists was covering Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District with an eye toward the people who will be making the decision in next Tuesday’s election.

I was honored to join the broadcast as a contributor. If you missed the show, here are the major segments they produced. They interviewed several dozen people across Northern Minnesota, boiling down countless hours of footage into these tight packages. I was extremely impressed with how well they turned out and how much effort went into making them.

The first segment introduced the district and some of the attitudes found there. We identified a few key issues. You can hear it during the Up First podcast, found here:

This next piece, centered in Ely, gave a great sense of the political and cultural divide surrounding copper nickel mining in Northeastern Minnesota:

Another hockey-tinted piece explored what was on voters’ minds:

Yet another piece explored how many 8th District voters feel left out of national debate:

This were all very well done. The most interesting aspects of the 8th District race are not the candidates, the polls or the terrible ads. The most interesting subjects here are the people who live in Northern Minnesota.


  1. Kathy Kooda says

    Well done Aaron!

  2. Also interesting was Hamline political science Prof. David Schultz on C-span Washington Journal a week ago discussing MN electoral history and current MN political dynamics.

  3. Melissa D. says

    Heard your interview on NPR so I had to check out your blog. Well done! We’ll be moving to MN in spring so your election results are particularly interesting to me this year!

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