After 10 years, final Minnesota ‘all hockey hair team’ video drops

Iron Range hopes for a state high school hockey championship fell just short with Greenway’s Saturday afternoon loss to St. Cloud Cathedral. It was an amazing run for the Raiders, though, with some great games, hearty effort and exciting play.

And they placed respectably in the 2019 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team as well.

This unique post-tournament tradition marks 10 years of acknowledging the mullets, ‘fros, and “salad” that Minnesota hockey players cultivate underneath their helmets. Decades may pass, trends may change, but the hairstyles — most of them variants of the mullet — never die.

Viewing this hilarious video at the close of the state tournament has become a venerated tradition, one that even made national news last year. However, all good things must come to an end.

The quasi-anonymous narrator of the hair videos (ad exec John King) announced today that this would be the last one. It’s sad, but also understandable. A video like this takes dozens of hours of production time, which aren’t easy to find when you work full time. Ten years provides a nice round number to close on.

Without further ado, the 2019 Minnesota State High School All-Hockey Hair Team:

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