Wrapping up this run of the Great Northern Radio Show

In honor of our last show, actors on the Great Northern Radio Show dropped their script pages to the stage throughout the show, an homage to old time radio. (PHOTO: Grant Frashier)

Last Saturday I hosted the last edition of my Great Northern Radio Show before putting the show on an indefinite hiatus. I talked about my reasons for doing so in a recent column.

You can hear the show here.

Host Aaron Brown waves to the crowd at the end of the Nov. 9, 2019 Great Northern Radio Show. (PHOTO: Grant Frashier)

It was a delightful evening of music, comedy and stories about Northern Minnesota. It proved an emotional night, too. It’s hard to say goodbye to a project that changed my life as this show did.

Below are photos taken by photographer Grant Frashier:

Cast member Jason Scorich.

Cast members Louisa Scorich and Brett Carter.

Foley artists and cast members C.J. Anderson and Lauren Nickisch.

The Occasionals, featuring Katie Houg, Eric Carlson, Aaron Schnackenberg and Doug Quance.

Organist Vicki Gornick explains the unique theatrical pipe organ at Hibbing High School’s famous auditorium to host Aaron Brown.

The musical trio Sugar on the Roof features Megan Orwig Reynolds, Clancy Ward, and Jefferson Reynolds.

Producer/stage manager Sarah Bignall explains last minute changes to performers on the Great Northern Radio Show.

Hibbing’s Voices of Reason choir, directed by Roy Berg, performs at the Nov. 9 Great Northern Radio Show.

Jillian Rae performs during the Nov. 9, 2019 Great Northern Radio Show.

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