Dig Deep Live at Reif Center Tuesday

Aaron and Chuck Dig Deep

Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown are the podcasting duo of Dig Deep, produced by Heidi Holtan for Northern Community Radio. (PHOTO: Heidi Holtan).

This Tuesday, Dec. 10, I’ll be part of our Dig Deep podcast live Community Conversations broadcast from the Ives Theater at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Our topic is “Strong Towns,” in honor of my podcast partner Chuck Marohn’s new book of the same name. The event is at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

It’s not like a book club. You don’t have to read Chuck’s book to attend. We’ll be having a focused discussion on what makes communities work and how we can solve problems in our communities even when we may lack the resources we think we need. These themes are at the heart of Chuck’s work with his nonprofit organization, also called Strong Towns. But readers here will recognize some of those same ideas from my work.

In fact, our mutual passion for small communities is the heart of why Chuck and I became friends, despite our political differences. “Dig Deep,” produced by my friend Heidi Holtan, is about exploring areas of agreement and shared belief within the intractable debates of our times.

Dig Deep has released two new podcast series since I’ve last written about it.

Earlier in the fall we discussed Chuck’s new book Strong Towns, (link is to podcast only section, with links to the first three parts as well). You may recall I wrote about “Strong Towns” here.

More recently Chuck and I talked about impeachment, including its constitutional origins, the fascinating story of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment, and the Nixon and Clinton impeachment cases. We conclude with a podcast-only talk about today’s impeachment case against President Trump.

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