‘Making It’ makes lovely tribute to Great Northern Radio Show

It’s been another busy stretch of work and writing so you haven’t seen much more than my weekly newspaper column here at MinnesotaBrown.

I did want to share this episode of PBS North’s “Making It Up North,” produced by Karen Sunderman and Steve Ash. They followed us around for the whole day of our final Great Northern Radio Show last Nov. 9. The result was this short documentary. It was touching to see how lovingly they handled a very fun but emotional day for me and the team. 

Meantime, know that I am still kicking out here in the woods of Northern Minnesota. For the past five months I was on leave working on my book project. I made significant progress on the manuscript but still have miles to go. I estimate it will take the rest of this year to get the full first draft done. I’ve just returned to teaching, so progress will be slow but steady now. This is why I ultimately decided to put the show on the shelf. I will need the time.

I’ve missed commenting on a number of events happening around Northern Minnesota. I am trying to focus my newspaper column on deeper coverage of some of the things going on. Stay tuned.




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