‘Dueling’ Iron Range realities at the Minnesota Reformer

Some news. I will now write occasional columns and long form pieces for the Minnesota Reformer. I posted this on social media a week ago, but am finally getting around to updating readers here at the blog.

Read today’s column here.

You know that I’ve been writing fewer posts these days while working on my book. That work continues. Nevertheless, I still find myself writing about state politics or economic issues time to time. The Reformer offered to pay me to write about those subjects. Call it a capitalistic lapse, comrades, but it just makes sense.

What is the Minnesota Reformer? I’ll let them explain it:

The Minnesota Reformer is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to keeping Minnesotans informed and unearthing stories other outlets can’t or won’t tell. We’re in the halls of government tracking what elected officials are up to — and monitoring the powerful forces trying to influence them. But we’re also on the streets, at the bars and parks, on farms and in warehouses, telling you stories of the people being affected by the actions of government and big business. And we’re free. No ads. No paywall. The Minnesota Reformer and its articles, graphics, and commentary are also free to republish. In fact, we welcome and encourage it. Please adhere to the following guidelines [follow link here]

Minnesota Reformer is part of States Newsroom, a nonprofit network of state government news sites supported by grants and a coalition of donors. Minnesota Reformer retains editorial independence.

I appreciate most this organization’s independence. You will see a lot of commentary on the site, but that writing is well vetted. Meantime, the news pieces use sound journalistic practices.

There’s a voice to it, for sure. Someone described it to me as “an appropriate amount of snark.” I think that holds up. You may or may not like that. But I appreciate that they’ve reached out to writers in Greater Minnesota for contributions, me among them. The Reformer held my interest as soon as it launched last month. I’m glad to be a part of it.

Today’s piece in the Minnesota Reformer is “The Dueling Realities of the Iron Range.” I comment on the single-track thinking of Iron Range politics. We must devote energy toward new goals to solve persistent problems.


  1. Magnificent ! I was an early adopter of The Reformer. I saw the report you were going to board that vessel. Good introduction to your thoughts ….”…. And the reality is we must diversify our economy and open the imaginary borders we draw between us and the rest of the world….” it will be a delicate balancing act to not be seen as becoming and outside traitor to some. Regular readers know you are far from that. Great comment in your piece of the Ayn Randian approach to life and it’s need to change also up there also. Congratulations.

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