Dig Deep tackles COVID-19 and what comes next

Producer Heidi Holtan, conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and liberal commentator Aaron Brown create “Dig Deep,” a Northern Minnesota political podcast finding consensus and slaying stereotypes.

Last week, my friend Heidi Holtan hosted my other friend Chuck Marohn and me in a live Dig Deep conversation about COVID-19. It was the first time we’ve done the show from different places.

The news ebbs and flows, good news mixed with the bad. As a nation we’re not yet free of collective response to the coronavirus, nor will we be for some time.

Chuck, Heidi and I spent a half hour exploring what this crisis has shown about our politics, our culture, and our shared future. It was a good chat.

You can listen to the episode at Northern Community Radio’s website here. Consider subscribing to Dig Deep wherever you listen to podcasts.


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