Talking Iron Range economy and COVID-19 on ‘Almanac’

I was a guest on Almanac Friday evening talking about COVID-19 and the economic downturn on the Mesabi Iron Range. Here’s the video:

This was the first time I’ve done the show from the confines of MinnesotaBrown World Headquarters in Balsam Township. It was nice not to have to drive to St. Paul.

I was mostly just glad that my suit still fits after two months of quarantine. I’m also rather proud of the lighting setup in my basement office. Next time, makeup. 



  1. David/Gray says

    It’s easier to be an Almanac guest when we’re staying at home!

    • No kidding! Anytime they want to this instead is fine with me. I really only get to the Twin Cities once or twice a year these days and my wife hates it when I book TV shows on those trips. 🙂

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