Hear preview of ‘Power in the Wilderness’ on June 14

For almost four years I’ve been writing a book about the late Hibbing Mayor Victor Power and some really wild stories from early Iron Range history. It’s not done yet but it’s getting there. I can give you some exciting news, though.

Along the path of my research I got to know a New York filmmaker named Karl Jacob. Karl’s from Hibbing. He was researching the same story for a film or television project. About three years ago we decided to team up and share research. We got to be good pals. We decided that it would be good for our respective projects to share the story in an intimate format like podcasting.

So, guess what? We’re releasing a limited series radio program and podcast for KAXE/KBXE Northern Community Radio. It’s called “Power in the Wilderness,” which is also the working title of my book. There will be a sneak preview of “Power in the Wilderness” Sunday, June 14, at 11 a.m. CST on the radio, which you can hear at 91.7 FM in Hibbing or live streamed at KAXE.org.

Soon we’ll launch the podcast feed with more fanfare. We’ll be working on this program the rest of the year with episodes coming out ever three weeks or so. Meanwhile, I’m finishing the first draft of the book. Busy times, but this story is worth it.

Check it out!



  1. Aaron, I am so excited about this. I enjoyed the first podcast, and can’t wait for the next. Really wished your book was out, so I could read it now. I am looking forward to hearing the history and mystery around the man!!!

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