Latest Power podcast episode connects desert car chase with Minnesota mines

The second episode of our podcast “Power in the Wilderness” dropped over the weekend. You can listen online now if you missed it.

The episode is entitled “El Pulpo,” Spanish for “The Octopus.” Our show is a special production of KAXE-Northern Community Radio. It’s funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

You might also like our website. There we look behind the scenes at the people and places we talk about in the show.

“Power in the Wilderness” tells the story of the late Hibbing mayor Victor Power. His early 20th Century battles with U.S. Steel drew national headlines. Our podcast depicts the titanic struggle between this remarkable but flawed man against the gnashing gears of industrial age politics and culture. Ultimately, the tale provides context for our modern times.

I’m writing a book of the same name that will be done near the end of the podcast run. The filmmaker Karl Jacob and I decided to produce the podcast first as a means of building interest in our separate projects. Karl optioned the film rights for my book and we share research.

Frankly this has all become the biggest professional project of my life, second only to the madness of raising three children within two years of one another. Readers of this blog will like what I’m up to, I promise you, and I’ll keep sharing updates of my progress.


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