Power in the Wilderness project nearing completion

Karl Jacob and Aaron Brown record the “Power in the Wilderness” podcast from their home offices in New York and Balsam Township, Minnesota, respectively.

Longtime readers know that I’ve eased up production here at MinnesotaBrown while I toil on several big projects. Here’s how it’s going.

I’ve been working on a book for the University of Minnesota Press about Victor Power, called “Power in the Wilderness,” with a first draft due early this summer. I’m past 2/3 done now, in the anchor leg.

I’ve also been working with filmmaker Karl Jacob on a podcast of the same name and that’s something you can hear sooner. In fact, you can hear some of it now.

Today the Mesabi Tribune ran a front page feature on the Power in the Wilderness podcast, which will launch its full run of 10 episodes on May 1. But you can hear the first two pilot episodes now and you can hear other episodes early if you subscribe. Just go to our cool website.

This has been the busiest year of my professional life, all while working from home. I’m teaching, involved in the merger of five colleges into one, all while writing a book and producing this podcast. It’s thrilling and I’m excited for you to see the results, if only because that means I get to rest.


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