Part History, Part Mystery

Longtime readers at MinnesotaBrown might wonder where I am or why I only post my weekly newspaper column these days. The answer is found in this story by Kristen Vake at CBS 3 in Duluth.

This weekend the radio show and podcast “Power in the Wilderness” by Karl Jacob and myself will re-launch on Northern Community Radio. The show airs 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 1 and will run every week at that time until the 10-episode run is complete.

In early June you’ll be able to subscribe to and download the podcast on your favorite podcasting apps, but until then we’ll also have episodes available at our website.

Kristen did a lovely job with this story, giving us far more air time on the nightly news than most people get. I think you might get a sense of what first drew me to the tale of Victor Power and the early Mesabi Iron Range.

You can read or view the story: “Part history, part mystery: The story of Vic Power and Hibbing’s past.”

Now I return to writing the much more detailed book version of this story, which will be out early next year. The manuscript is due quite soon and I have many chapters to go. That is why I am not blithering on about the news of the day. I expect I will return to that activity again someday.

Aaron Brown and Karl Jacob produce “Power in the Wilderness.”


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