‘Power in the Wilderness’ podcast Q&A July 20 in Hibbing

I’m writing a new book, “Power in the Wilderness.” At almost five years, this represents the biggest individual project I’ve ever attempted. During the process, filmmaker Karl Jacob and I decided to co-produce and host a podcast of the same name. We sought to drum up interest in my book and his film project about the same subject matter: Victor L. Power and his fight for Hibbing’s independence from corporate control a century ago.

It’s working! I sold the book. Now, I am finishing the manuscript. I am also proud to report that all 10 episodes of the podcast are done and have aired on KAXE-Northern Community Radio. If you missed them that’s fine. They’re being posted on our website and will soon appear on major podcast apps.

But first, Karl and I will do a live event in Hibbing next Tuesday, July 20 at the Paulucci Space Theater. Our friends at the Hibbing Chamber of Commerce will host a fundraiser Q&A to celebrate the podcast and the new renovations at the planetarium. It’s a small venue, so tickets will go fast. Below is the press release. Hope to see you there!

New show about Range history to host July 20 event in Hibbing

‘Part History, Part Mystery,’ say producers of ‘Power in the Wilderness’

WHAT: Power in the Wilderness Q&A presented by Hibbing Chamber of Commerce
WHO: filmmaker Karl Jacob and author Aaron Brown
WHEN: 4-6 p.m. Tuesday, July 20
WHERE: Hibbing Paulucci Space Theatre, corner of Beltline and 23rd Street
COST: $15 (order tickets)

Most know that Hibbing, Minnesota, was founded on iron mining — built, moved, and rebuilt to accommodate the pursuit of valuable ore used to make 130 years of American steel. But fewer know the story of how Hibbing became the first town in the nation to successfully defy the world’s largest corporation more than a century ago. Or how the fighting spirit of the town, and its charismatic mayor Victor L. Power, led to achievements we still enjoy today. 

That’s the story told by author Aaron Brown and independent filmmaker Karl Jacob (Wiiliainen) in their podcast serial “Power in the Wilderness,” which aired recently on local public radio station KAXE-Northern Community Radio, now available as a podcast at PowerInTheWilderness.com.

Dubbed “Part History, Part Mystery,” “Power in the Wilderness” electrifies local history with a story that includes a car chase, pistol duel, political intrigue, murder, mayhem, and the sly antics of one of the Iron Range’s most interesting historical figures. 

On Tuesday, July 20, from 4-6 p.m., Brown and Jacob will appear at a special fundraiser for the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce at the newly restored Paulucci Space Theatre. The program will feature a brief presentation and Q&A by the hosts of “Power in the Wilderness.” The cost is $15, which includes refreshments. Order tickets online.

Brown is an author and instructor at Hibbing Community College. Jacob directs films in New York, but grew up in Hibbing. Brown is writing a book about Victor Power while Jacob is exploring a film project surrounding Power’s life. Their shared interest in this story brought them together and prompted them to make this exciting new radio program and podcast. 


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