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Business Talk Sister GawkEditing work on my book, “Power in the Wilderness” continues. I finished the manuscript, but it’s way too long and will take months to carve down to size. You’re going to like the end product, though. Victor Power comes across as a fully formed Shakespearian character. His life and death will fascinate longtime Iron Rangers and a general audience alike.

You just have to wait a bit longer.

Nevertheless, my research into the early years of Hibbing, Minnesota, and its intersecting storylines with American history keeps wandering into the public eye. Today I’m highlighting a cool podcast that I was honored to be on as a guest.

Business Talk, Sister Gawk” is an entrepreneurship podcast aimed at teens and young adults interested in starting their own business. The host is Bekkah Anderson, one of the eponymous sisters. Bekkah is based on the Iron Range but the podcast aims at a much wider audience. She and her son listened to the “Power in the Wilderness” podcast that I produced with Karl Jacob for Northern Community Radio. We talked, and this led to me detailing some of the “side” stories from my Victor Power research.

Today brings the third episode in a series I did for Bekkah’s podcast called “Building Business Buzz Before the Internet.” Episodes 1 and 2 dealt with the life of Dottie Power, a pioneering female businesswoman from Hibbing (Victor’s sister-in-law) who was a cutting edge retailer in a rough-and-tumble mining town. The newest episode relates to the role that robber-barons, corporations, and well-known brand names played in the history of the Iron Range and the United States.

Check them out!

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