The labor movement strikes back

Tiofila PetriellaLast week, my oldest son and I were camping in the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota. It was an important trip for us; a rite of passage. It’s his last year in Scouting and he’s starting college today. More on that trip later. While I was gone, my latest essay for the Minnesota Reformer dropped.

The essay, “New labor movement might save America just yet,” explores a moment in Iron Range labor history and connects it to what’s happening right now. As new unions form at places like Amazon and Starbucks, we are reminded of the motives behind mining labor unions more than a century ago.

Published Thursday, August 18, you can read the essay here.

That same day, I discussed themes from the essay on Minnesota Public Radio’s “Minnesota Now” with Cathy Wurzer. You can hear that interview later in the hour.

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