Brown on the Air: TV hosting debut on Almanac North

Though I wish this would have happened 15 years and six stones ago, I’ll be making my television news hosting debut this Friday, Oct. 7, in Duluth. As a print and radio-trained journalist, I view this as a mildly terrifying exercise in experimental broadcasting.

At 8 p.m., you can watch a special episode of Almanac North on PBS North entitled “Core Conversations.” It’s a quarterly feature on the show; this one is about mining. Specifically, I’ll lead a conversation with several guests and pre-produced segments about the future of mining in our region. We’ll talk about iron mining, copper-nickel mining, environmental risks and mitigations, economic diversification and the technological change poised to reorganize the role of mining in our society.

But you can just watch to see if my suit explodes on live television. Probs not, but [shrug emoji].

In all seriousness, recent news across the mining industry and global markets seems to be an omen of massive change. New technology is advancing far more rapidly than many realize. This will begin to have an impact on northern Minnesota — potentially a good one — very soon. No matter your opinion about mining politics and policy, the future might not look how we imagined it. Are we ready to seize opportunities amid change? I’ll leave that to you, but I’m excited to share some new information in this show, including some developments that most people don’t know about.

Again, the show is 8 p.m., Friday, Oct. 7. You can watch the livestream of PBS North or tune in to WDSE (known locally as Channel 8) on your cable or streaming provider. I’ll share video of the program next week.


  1. Elanne Palcich says

    You did a great job of hosting!

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